Blogging with a baby

Hi guys! I’m back with blogging again, well nothing serious since I just blog pretty much everything about my life. However  this time it’s quite different coz I’m now a “mom” πŸ™‚ meaning spare time is gold and my interests now are broad (baby stuffs, parenting, family etc) and mostly about babies and parenting. I’m so excited about this new chapter of my life! It’s just different it’s extraordinary! Babies really make a new experience on your existence and I just can’t explain how muchI feel every single day especially seeing their new milestones :)) And speaking of milestones I’ll share in this post some photos of my lil’ one when she turned 8 months old last Wednesday. 


Kiera Bella turned 8 months old



4 thoughts on “Blogging with a baby

  1. That smile is priceless! Welcome back to blogging! Thank you for sharing. This was such a brave move! I know what it’s like to start writing again after having a baby and as others will tell you, it gets easier now that you’ve jumped in! You have a wonderful, perfect muse to inspire your thoughts and it just becomes part of your routine! And if it doesn’t, don’t fret! Absence from writing simply means LIVING. You are enjoying your family. Guilt-free! Have fun, mama!

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