Mango Graham Balls/Munchkins (No Bake)

 Hello there! It’s been a while since I last posted here on my blog. I kinda missed my small space here. So many changes happened these past few months; My little girl turned one year old and was baptized the next day! I swear the preparations were both stressful! Haha and also I got a new job (my first job after pregnancy), the primary reason why I’m “MIA” for a couple of months -I could hardly adjust about this change in my routine, especially my “mommy duties” at home so I had to skip few things as of the moment.

Anyways, to sweeten up my come back post, I decided to share with you guys a very quick and easy homemade treat that we love to make whenever we want to munch on something that is both cheap and fun to do (especially with kids!). 🙂  Few ingredients for our “Mango Graham Balls / Munchkins” after the cut!IMG_9252

 You will need:

  1.  Graham Crackers – 200 grams
  2. A can of Condensed milk
  3. Mango flavored marshmallows
  4. Sprinkles

Prep. time:

  • an hour or less depends on your rolling skills. lol
  • 30 minutes in the fridge before serving.

Yields: 30 t0 35pcs depending on your preferred size.

food processor, foods, graham crackers, treats, homemade

First, you need to crushed the graham crackers. Here I’m using our food processor to save me time. Yes I know I could have bought the pre-crushed graham crackers and I did actually. I just took advantage of the “buy 1 take 1” promo on these crackers. hihi


food, treats, homemade, graham crackers, diy, sweet tooth,

Now, mix your crushed graham crackers and condensed milk together.

food, treats, homemade, graham crackers, diy, sweet tooth,

The mixture should look like this. The consistency should be workable and not too sticky nor too dry. 😀 However, if yours is too sticky just add some crushed grahams and condensed milk if it’s loose.

Here I just used a 1tbsp measuring spoon to kinda help me achieve a consistent size.

Now just flatten it on your hand and put the marshmallow (or your preferred filling) at the center and roll it to a ball.

graham ball

Now this is the fun part, after forming it to a ball, just dip it to the sprinkles or ANYTHING that soothes your sweet tooth! Go crazy and have an assorted munchkins if you must! 😀 You can also dip it to a melted chocolate of your choice and garnish with edible glitters or sprinkles  and repeat the process until you’re done and refrigerate for 30mins before serving.


 Here’s my finished product! (I forgot to take a photo of my munchkins with sprinkles :D)   Enjoy!! 🙂


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