Welcome to Bets wrote it!

This is the place where I share and talk about life, beauty, food, baby and maybe sometimes about make-up, skin care, passion, kawaii stuffs, love, and art. Follow me on my journey as I discover the best solution to become a true-blooded morning person! 

Betsy starts blogging because of her sincere passion for sharing and interacting to people who shares the same thought and enjoys the same stuffs (and keeping up with her fellow night owls!) She is looking forward on finding friends through her blog.
 I am no way a professional in any fields, all thoughts and are reviews on products, foods, make-up, and skin care are based on my personal experience and opinion. Whatever works or may not work on me may be different on you. Please always test products before use.
Bets wrote it! cannot be held responsible for any negative reaction that may occur during use of my recommended products.
 For opportunities and inquiries:
 My business e-mail is: betsyartugue@gmail.com
 This blog accepts different forms of advertisements and compensations.
 Bets wrote it is open for product/brand collaboration.



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